Wednesday, 21 June 2017

5 Common Job Interview Questions & Answers For Student

Congratulations! You're scheduled for your first job interview. You already know the importance of arriving on time, wearing neat, clean clothes and spitting out your gum. Here comes step two: answering those tricky interview questions. The following are some typical questions you might be asked. The whole idea of an interview is to talk about your positive traits. Don't worry if you don't have much job experience. You can simply tie in the answers to experiences at home or school. Employers want to know how you handle problems and if you are a team player.

Read the following answers carefully and adapt them to your particular situation.

QuestionTell me about yourself.

Typical answer: Well, I was born in Seattle, but we moved to Portland when I was three. I have a dog and like to swim.
Borrrrring! That answer doesn't tell the employer anything about you that relates to the job. You want to use every opportunity to show that you are a smart, hard working potential employee.

Better Answer: Last year in school, I played on the basketball and soccer team. It kept me busy, but I learned to manage my time. I'm also involved in volunteering with my sister's Girl Scout troop. That's been a great experience in learning how to work as a team with other leaders plus plan activities.
See what you've just done? You've shown the employer you are involved in positive activities, work as a volunteer and know the importance of teamwork. Who wouldn't want to hire you?

QuestionHow would your teachers describe you?

Average answer: Oh, I guess they'd say I was an OK student.

Better answer: My teachers would tell you I work hard to get my assignments in on time and I'm not afraid to ask for help if I need it. They'd also tell you I try to be friendly to shy kids in my class.

QuestionWhy should I hire you over the other 8 students waiting to be interviewed?

Average answer: I really need the money to buy a new CD player and my mom said I have to do something constructive this summer.

Better answer: I'm a reliable person. I'll arrive to work on time and do the best I can on the job. I've done volunteer work, but now I'd like to gain actual work experience. If you hire me, you'll get someone who isn't afraid to learn.

Question: Tell me about a time you had a problem and how you solved it.

Average answer: My parents and I don't always get along. I usually yell and then go to my room for a few hours.
Better answer: There was a boy at school that really bothered me. He bumped into me and would slam my locker shut when he walked by. He'd also say sarcastic things to me. I talked to a teacher about it and she offered to be a mediator. She brought both of us into her class and basically let me tell the boy I wanted him to stop being a bully. I confronted him in a strong way. The situation is much better now.

Question: What do you like best about school?

Average answer: I really like hanging out with my friends.

Better answer: I especially like working on projects together with my friends. I just got done being in charge of decorating for our school dance. I organized my friends and we worked together to set up the gym with a Hawaiian theme. I also like participating in school events like sports teams and student government.
There you have it. Five questions employers might ask you. Try to answer every question with a positive answer. Demonstrate that you are an honest, hard working person.
Good luck on that interview!
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21 Incredible Phone Interview Questions And Answers

Phone Interview Questions And Answers

Employers usually conduct the phone interviews to shortlist the best candidates from the huge pool of talent, whom they would like to see for a personal interview. Recruitment is a time consuming job and the telephonic interviews provide the recruiters a good opportunity to screen the best candidates.

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

14 Tips On How To Be Number 1 In A Job Interview

How To Be Number 1 In A Job Interview

Your level of preparation for the job interview will determine the height performance. Good preparation engender good performance. You will definitely be the hottest candidate all the interviewer would want to give arm to have. This article is going to assist you raise your game, skyrocket you and make you number 1.

Job interview

What is interview? 
The tearm interview can be seen as an under-rated executive meeting between a recruiter and job seekers to determine if the job seeker is right or qualify for the job. 
A good number of people get so tensed before or during an interview, this is not really good as tension can jeopardize your chance of being successful and by extension monumental mistakes could be made that can cause you to loose out on a job. 
Employers of all sorts now need people who have characteristics and potential that can not be represented mare job skills. Employers need people with more important and meaningful qualities. Like creativity, humanity, determination, self_reliance, unshakable dependability, passion, compassion, curiosity, belief, integrity, vision, innovation, ethnically, commitment to efficiency and awareness of the wider world. 

Bellow are the interview mistakes you should try to avoid in order to be number 1 in the job interview. 

1) Confusing an interview with an interrogation. No matter how unfriendly the interviewer may seem, he does not want to be seen as an interrogator, he would rather be seen as a friend. 

2) Failure To Ask Question. This simply indicates gross unseriousness and lack of interest in the job. 

3) Researching the company but not yourself. 

4) leaving your cell phone on 

5) Not sending a thank you note 

6) Grammatical blunder. Always use words and tense you are conversant with. 

7) Failure to listen to question. 

8) Answering questions that was not ask. 

9) Beating around the bush or rigmarolling when answering questions by not going straight to the point. 

10) Criticizing former colleagues or boss. 

11) Providing over-bloated and unnecessary information. 

12) Bringing personal and domestic matters into conversation when not told to do so. 

13) Telling stories about why you changed job. 

14) Having unnecessary tension why answering question. 

I believe if the above listed mistakes are properly and well implemented, you will record success in your job interview. Don't forget to drop any related question using the comment box below.

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Ziguratte Integrated Resources Limited - Lagos Is Recruiting

Real Estate Marketer

Ziguratte Integrated Resources Limited - Lagos

A firm in the construction/ real estate sector seeks qualified candidates to fill this role

Job description:
Present purchase offers to sellers for consideration.

Confer with escrow companies, lenders, home inspectors, and pest control operators to ensure that terms and conditions of purchase agreements are met before closing dates.

Interview clients to determine what kinds of properties they are seeking.

Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases.

Coordinate property closings, overseeing signing of documents and disbursement of funds.

Act as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers, generally representing one or the other.

Promote sales of properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services.

Compare a property with similar properties that have recently sold in order to determine its competitive market price.

Coordinate appointments to show homes to prospective buyers.

Real estate marketers with at least two years experience

We want CVs of candidates that live withing the following geographic area: Ojota, Ketu, Ogudu, Ikorodu, or Mile 12 (Extension can be given to the real estate marketers to other locations along Ikorodu road axis.)

Candidates should be within the age 20 to 35 years of age male or female.    APPLY NOW 
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Procedure To Create N-Power 2017 Account Verify BVN/Upload Data

Procedure To Create N-Power 2017 Account, Verify BVN/Upload Data

Procedure To Create N-Power 2017 Account, Verify BVN/Upload Data

N-Power registration has some slight adjustments from the first and these include.

1. The second phase registration is more of an interactive interphase. Applicants don’t just upload data and go, the test which erstwhile was written separately at a slated date will be written immediately by applicants to complete their registration.

2. BVN will be auto searched by site before proceeding to the next phase. If BVN exists then one is cleared to proceed. this development is not unconnected with series of problems faced with unmatched, incorrect BVN in the first batch registration.

NOTE: Based on the few points above, I would like to reiterate that prospective applicants should be fully involved and be physically present in the process of registration to proofread their info and write their test.

The issuance of forms in this phase will not be possible for obvious reasons, so I urge all to take this phase serious.
See Also: How To Apply For A Job Where There Is No Vacancies Advertisement 

Procedure To Create N-Power 2017 Account, Verify BVN/Upload Data

1. Goto, create a username and password and then sign in.

2. Go through the various programmes and choose the one that suites you and then click on apply at the bottom of the page.

3. Take your time and fill the application form and make sure to provide accurate information and documents to support your application.

4. After submitting, you will receive an acknowledgement email letter confirming the receipt of the application.

5. After 48hours you will be notified by email and the registration portal whether you are eligible for the N-Power program, if you are unsuccessful you may apply again in subsequent programs.

6. If you are successful you can proceed to the test page at the MY N-POWER PORTAL, you will be required to write two tests; a general skills test and program specific test.

7. There may be a final interview before acceptance into the N-Power program depending on your program, otherwise you will receive an email confirming your provisional acceptance into the N-Power program.

8. You will have to confirm your acceptance to secure your place.

9. Specific information and program details will now be sent to your email.

10. If at any point you encounter a challenge in filling your form you can send an email to

For questions related to the above article. Use the comment box. Thanks 
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7 Incredible Reasons Why You Should Present An Eye Catching Cv/RESUME.

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Friday, 16 June 2017

How To Apply For A Job Where There Is No Vacancies Advertisement

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