Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How To Make 400+ Daily Using Your Facebook Account (Very Easy)

You'll earn 400 per post your share on your Facebook. All you need to start is 3000 start up capital
Facebook money 
Let me clarify you more, this isn't a ponzi or any kind of peer to peer service, You've to perform a task and  get paid.

Recad media is an online platform for both advertiser and publishers with the aim of bringing out their best in both aspect. This is really not a ponzi scheme

All you need to do to get started is to register on their website with a fee of 3000 for registration, then a post is always assigned to you every day for you to share. A post shared on recadax is a 400 earned. You will always have to login everyday to complete your task and get your 400 earned for the day.

You'll earn 400 per post your share on your Facebook.

Let's do the calculations 

-3000 your initial capital =9000 I think it's not bad earnings 9000 or more monthly for doing almost nothing

Aside earning by just sharing a post, there is a referral system which you get 1000 commission for inviting a freind. Though, it's not really important. There also a lot of goodies out there you would really love.

Note that'
It's not a must that people click your link. All you need is to share, whatever happens to the link shared isn't there business, You must login and share a post assigned​ to your account everyday
Withdrawal is possible in weekends and month ends .. irrespective of what amount you have earned so far, you will have to make a payment during registration before your account is fully active. So I suggest you pay online or other ways

Visit the below link and fill the nevesssary informations. On the next page, select payment option, complete the payment and start earning immediately.

Here are proofs of my earnings thou I started yesterday.. few proof of those that have already cashed out too
IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, KINDLY Ask using the comment box. Alternatively you can

Whatsapp +234858882281

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