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Monday, 2 October 2017

The MBA: 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Take it Personally

The process of selecting a Master of Business Administration (MBA) selection requires much research and reflection. Today, hundreds of thousands of business professionals actively seek admission to the business schools of their choice. At the same time, top international MBA programmes like the Access MBA Tour; a one-to-one MBA event, also invest time in personally communicating with prospective applicants in order to build a diverse MBA class and alumni network.

Over the last century, the MBA degree has been an important contribution to career development. It has gained a sound reputation beyond the corporate world in almost every professional field and industry, and across every continent.
Below are reasons why ‘in-person MBA meetings’ are crucial to your MBA selection process.
  1. The MBA is a Personal Commitment
The decision to do an MBA should revolve around your career, lifestyle and future development initiatives. The credibility and approach of a school are important factors MBA candidates need to consider. You can easily discern how different MBA programmes match your expectations by speaking with their representatives in person.

  1. Business Meetings with Business Schools
Determined MBA applicants take the opportunity to talk business with MBA representatives one-on-one. They find out which business schools will sincerely work with them to reach their personal and professional goals. MBA meetings also allow applicants receive feedback on how competitive it is to get admitted to the schools involved.
  1. 25 Constructive Minutes in Nigeria
Access MBA’s One-to-One event enables professionals to meet the representatives of schools that were carefully selected to correspond with their professional background and expectations. Thus, the school and the MBA candidate are already familiar with one another and each 25-minute meeting is spent discussing the topics that matter the most.
  1. Gain an Admission Advantage
One-to-One MBA event participants get a sneak preview of their chances for admission by asking the right questions and putting forward their best presentation skills. Among the top-ranked, and thus, most competitive, business schools participating in the Access MBA event in Lagos are:
  • HEC Paris
  • Manchester BS
  • Washington University in St. Louis – Olin
  • York University – Schulich School of Business
  • Arizona State University – WP Carey School of Business
  • Audencia Nantes School of Management
  • EU Business School International
  • Hult International Business School
  1. Real-Time Professional Guidance at the Access MBA Tour

Getting an MBA degree is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and MBA applicants appreciate expert advice. Before, after and in-between the business school meetings, event visitors can receive free MBA consulting on any aspect of MBA selection, GMAT preparation, funding options and  MBA application strategies to help guarantee a successful business education investment.
Access MBA Tour 2017 (3)
Why consider an MBA?
  • Helps you dig deeper into your passion regardless of your area of specialization
  • A Masters Degree opens up the doors of opportunity for you as most employers have a preference for candidates with a Masters Degree
  • Gives you an edge over candidates who do not have a Masters Degree especially for jobs that make it a minimum requirement
  • With a Masters Degree, you have a shot at living a better start to life especially as it concerns your career and lifestyle
  • Helps you retire much earlier than any of your peers since you would have better shots at landing a good job and can start saving earlier
  • You have a strong tendency to build a very strong network within your area of specialization
  • Employers consider candidates with Masters Degrees a richer option when hiring as they find them more desirable
Meet Top Business Schools’ Admissions Directors in Person
The Access MBA Tour will return to Lagos in September 2017 and will bring together, top international business schools from Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.
The Access MBA event in Lagos holds on September 9.
How to Register
Online registration is free. By registering at least 10 days before the MBA event, participants will receive a profile evaluation and a personalised consultation to identify the most suitable business schools at the event.
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Friday, 4 August 2017

How To Create A Facebook Page For Your Business

Your Facebook business page is the Central place to grow your business, build your brand and develop relationships with your customers.

Importance Of Facebook Page To Business 

Facebook fans page has a lot of significance to your businesses be it small business or a big business enterprise. Bellow are few out of the many importance of Facebook page to your business.

1) Customer Interaction: Having your business on Facebook through a fanpage or a group is a great way to learn more about your customers.
Through comments or posts, you get to have direct feedback and conversations with your target audience. The people who like your fanpage or join your group are only there because they want to be. They are there to know what they can about you and you can do the same thing.

2) Give a personal touch to your business: Being well connected is important for any business, especially for a small one. You need to be able to communicate with people and grow your contacts. The best possible way to do that is through direct involvement. Facebook allows you to give your business an image and then you can actually have live conversations with people who matter, making it a more personal experience then what you get on a TV.

3) Develop a loyal fan base: Facebook allows you to develop your very own community. All you need to do is, post links and content that is both relevant and useful. You can even have promotional campaigns and contests through your page and offer incentives as well. If done correctly, you will find that you can develop a loyal community for your business on Facebook.

4) Beat your competition: One of the biggest reasons for you to make sure that you are on Facebook is that your competition might already be there. In this cut throat environment, lagging behind will make it really hard for your business to succeed.

5) Viral promotion: If someone ends up liking your page then it appears in their news feed. This makes it possible for your business to be in their eyes on a regular basis through status updates or content posting. What’s more, if they comment on your post, their friends will also see your post and this will help in viral promotion of your business.

6) Save money: Apart from these facts, Facebook is free. You do not need to spend anything for promoting your company through a Facebook page. Facebook already has people addicted to it. This means you do not have to look for customers – they are already there.

How do I create a Facebook page? 

Good question. To set up a Facebook page for your business is very simple, but first you need to have a Facebook account, if you don't have one.

Step To A New Facebook Account
Go to you will see a homepage as shown below.

Click on Sign Up, A Form will appear as shown below.
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Friday, 30 June 2017

Top Key Qualities That Make A Business Owners Successful

It's another great day again, am I forgetting something?, ohhhh! Today is the end of the Month June, It's really a great Month.

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It's all about entrepreneurs and businesses. The primary aim of any enterprise is to be successful, and this can not be achieved without some key qualities. In this article, I'm going to unleash some key qualities make a business man successful.

Relax, Take your time, read and digest. 



As business owners, you need leadership qualities in order your business or market successful.
Leadership is one of the most important personal assets which you as a head of the business should possess. Through this leadership, you'll set an example which will go along way to influence the performance of your employees. Leadership as we know is a demanding responsibility that calls for the best efforts which a business owner (You) can give.  It's a quality which can be acquired through training and practice and also through emulation of successful leaders.

As a business owner, you should be friendly. You should spend time dealing with others, and also supervise your employees to be certain that they're fully productive and should be fairly treated. You should also represent your business to consumers, creditors, suppliers and many others. Your objective always should be to win friends for the business.

As business owner, you should build your business on a firm foundation of trust. In the business world today, obligations are made and accepted on the strength of integrity. Verbal agreement have the force of writing contracts. Trust can help you get alerts at the bank, materials from suppliers and full cooperation from your employees.

In business, there is no substitute for judgement. Even with the most careful planny, there always is an element of chance in Business. But in the long run, good judgment in weighing factors is more important than good look. The successful businessmen learn from error of judgment, avoid repeating mistakes and learn to accept change. Your sound judgment is reflected in your business.

>>Key Roles Of Entrepreneurs In The Society 

This is what I've for us as regards to the qualities of a successful businessmen. BEFORE I go, I've a question for you, your sincere answer will go long way to help the society. JUST A MINUTE MORE OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME PLEASE. From your experience, GIVE US ONE QUALITY THAT ACTUALLY MAKES OR MAKING YOU TRADE ON THE PART OF SUCCESS. 
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Thursday, 29 June 2017

4 Important Roles Of An entrepreneurs In The Society

The question of who entrepreneur is, is already known to some people but for clarity sake, we are going to give a brief definition of the term. 

An entrepreneur is a starter. An entrepreneur is an initiator, a challenger and a driver.
Someone that creates something new, either an initiative, a business or a company. He or she is the beginning (and sometimes the end)
of a venture, project or activity. The
entrepreneur might not be the ideator, but he or she is definitely the one that decides to make that idea a reality.

Having known who entrepreneur is, let's highlights on the key roles they play in the society. 
Entrepreneurs are not the only ones who benefit when they start businesses. Although job creation is one of the most important contributions they make to society, it's certainly not the only one.

Entrepreneurs can play important roles in their communities, particularly when they turn their energies to philanthropy and innovation.

1) Help Wanted
Entrepreneurs do not only create jobs for
themselves but for other people in their communities. Although new business owners might start their businesses with only one or two employees, those numbers increase as the company grows. The cumulative effect of multiple small business start-ups creates a
significant impact when it comes to job creation. In some countries, that impact is evident when you look at employment statistics. The U.S. Small Business Administration reports that small firms
created 63 percent of the net new jobs from mid-2009 till date 

2) Support for the Economy
Entrepreneurs not only create jobs in their own companies but also contribute to improving their local economies. When people are employed, they spend money in local businesses, such as clothing stores and restaurants, which keeps those businesses flourishing. The new company establishes relationships with suppliers, vendors and other companies and spends money purchasing good and services from those companies. The existence of a new company can encourage others to open businesses in the same area, which in turn spurs new job creation.

3) Giving Back
Entrepreneurs contribute to their communities with their charitable contributions. In some cases, entrepreneurs start businesses that
focus equally on profit and charitable goals.
For example, a financial company might start a program that provides loans to low-income female business owners. Some entrepreneurs don’t restrict their charitable activities to providing money but work directly with organizations. A survey of 146 entrepreneurs conducted by Harris Interactive and Ernst & Young revealed that 90 percent of entrepreneurs surveyed give money to charity and 70 percent donate their time. Because entrepreneurs are often experts at finding resources and funding and marketing their products, they can provide invaluable advice
to nonprofit organizations.

4) It's Brand New
The freedom from corporate rules and regulations can free entrepreneurs to create new products that benefit society. The telephone, invented by Thomas Edison, profoundly changed people’s lives when it was invented. The computers many of us can’t live without wouldn’t exist if not for entrepreneurs
like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Although entrepreneurs can succeed with tried-and-true business models, it’s often innovation that sets them apart from competitors whose employees might not have the same passion for finding new solutions to problems.

Over to you, as an entrepreneur, what are your impact in the society of today. You can use the comment section in answering this question. Do not skip
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Top Offline Handywork Recommendations

The most successful ones are those Entrepreneurial minded. They tried as much as possible to create success and 
you too can do the same.

While waiting for your NYSC or Government work as per say after the successful completion of your academic program. It'll be wise to learn some handywork whither it's an online or offline work. Having a hand work automatically made you a self-employed and you Can go a long way to help the society at large by creating job opportunities for the society. 
Before we dive into the TOPIC proper, let's quickly get to know the Benefits of working for yourself (self employed)
There are numerous benefits in working for your self, (Self Employed) among which we are going to discuss very few of them in this article.
SELF-EMPLOYED Self-employed is a situation in which an individual works for himself or herself instead
of working for an employer that pays a salary or a wage. A self-employed individual earns their income through conducting profitable operations from a trade or business that they
operate directly.

It is important to NOTE that being self-employed is a different situation than simply being a business owner. A business owner is someone who owns a company but does not work with the day-to-day operation of the company. In contrast, a person who is self-employed owns their own business, of which they are also the primary or sole operator.

The Benefits Of Working For Yourself

1) You are your own boss and you can create your own business network, no one is there to give you or receive orders.

2) You can fix your own working hours and you don't have to work 8 hours a day or have a fix schedule. At the beginning of number of hours worked may considerable higher, but nobody will be there to tell you what to do during that period.

3) You can develop your own ideas for your work. You are free to develop your own initiatives and project to accelerate your business growth.

4) You do not need to distribute the profits. If the business is going well and profits are high, you don't need to share the benefits with others.

5) Work from home. As a freelance self employed person, you have the convince of working from home, which will cut down the money on transportation and other expenses.

6) Once you start achieving success, you also achieve social prestige, professional recognition, personal satisfaction, and increased income which is only yours..

I believe with this you have seen the more reasons why Youths of today are mostly into a self-employed business.
The benefits are unlimited like i said earlier, so at the end of this article, you can use the comment box to add more
The reason for this article is simple. A friend contacted me to help suggest or recommend some handwork for him to enroll as he's optimistic that being a self-employed is the most important things in his life, especially now that the unemployed rate is growing higher. 75% lol. But for the Benefits of the society i decide to craft it into an article for the public uses. 

Sometimes learning a hand work depends on the individual passion or the environment. And sometimes we need people's opinions and suggestions to help bring out the best in us. 

✔Wall peppers finishing
✔Computer memo Calendar sticker etc
✔Photo graphics :-{
✔Event planer

My reasons for the above are very simple. 
75% of them are daily consumption, and you can be sure to make  your money on daily basis.

While I stop here, your opinions and suggestions are welcomed. So tell us what hand work you really fancy?
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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Hammering Your Brand Into The Minds Of Your Customers Using Email Marketing

This article can help you if you aren't sure how to get more clients in your network. Figuring out a way to increase the number of recipients on a mailing list is not easy. This article will cover some ideas that can help you succeed in increasing your marketing base.

You, or someone else, should proofread your email before you send it to customers. Ensure that it is free from typographical and grammatical errors. You should also make certain that the message flows easily. By checking these three issues are addressed, your email marketing will have a professional appearance.

Maximize the results of your email marketing by encouraging your readers to respond to every email. Always read and reply to these emails immediately. Building a personal relationship with each of your readers is the best way to convert them into loyal customers. This is also a good way to get more specific feedback on the success of your efforts.

If you use images in your email newsletters, put text to the right of the images. Research shows that customers are far more likely to click on a link or button that is placed to the left of an image than one that is placed anywhere else on the page.

Develop content that is interesting and informative to your customer base. The message should be engaging, and not filled with dry, boring content. The recipients are more likely to read it all the way through if it is not too long. As they see that your content is relevant, your reputation will grow.

For maximum accessibility, send your email marketing messages as multipart format. Any email clients that support HTML or have it user-enabled will show your content in HTML format. However, if someone receives your email and only allows text content, that is what they will see. Doing this allows everyone to see your message, regardless of their client or settings.

Ask for at least a customer's first name at the time that they opt-in to your list. By doing this, you can customize all your recipients' emails individually in order for it to address them on a more personal note. This personal connection helps recipients feel visible rather than just one of the crowd of people who are receiving a bulk email. This will make them more interested in your emails.

An email marketing campaign is one way to quickly grow your business. Therefore, make sure you are prepared with a business strategy to fully deliver what the customers expect and what you tell them they are going to get from you. It is important that the trust is not broken between you and the customer.

Make your emails concise. No one wants to read through a number of paragraphs when several would have sufficed. People don't have much time these days, and you could become persona non grata in their email boxes if you don't appreciate the time crunch that most people have to deal with these days.

Use an appropriate font in your e-mails. Realize that not all fonts are supported on all computers. Use a common font. Try not to use anything that is difficult to read or looks especially unprofessional. A bad font can cause a person to dismiss your e-mails without even reading them.

Make full use of passive feedback in your email marketing campaign. There are simple but powerful tools available to you that will give you lots of data on what your subscribers do with your messages. You must learn to use these tools and collect this valuable information. Find out who clicks on what links and determine why.

Avoid over-using exclamation points in your email marketing copy. An exclamation point does not make a poor sales message into a good one. Good marketing copy is punchy and catchy on its own, without the help of added punctuation. Focus on writing quality copy, not on how many exclamation marks you can use.

Be sure to include an easily-completed unsubscribe link in all of your marketing emails. Customers who are unhappy with your emails or who no longer wish to receive them can do more damage to your reputation than you might think. Reducing the size of your email list through unsubscribing is better than angering customers who no longer want your mailings.

The information you collect from your customer upon signing up for your list should be used to give them the best shopping experience possible. When one of your customers clicks on a link provided in one of your emails that goes to your site, utilize this information from the subscription in order to automatically fill in the portions of this purchasing form. This will speed up the checkout process and make it easier for them to buy your stuff.

Make your marketing emails friendly to mobile users. Many people have freed themselves from the mouse by adopting technologically advanced phones. With this, you will be wise to do slight modification to your format. Customers will appreciate your effort in making your messages easy to read by making sure they are not as wide as a standard-sized email messages.

Refrain from using images in your emails if possible. Images can be fun, but they can also take time to load if they load at all. Many people will be viewing the email on slower connections, or connections with metered bandwidth, so keep that in mind. Always make the content of your emails top priority, and focus less on any images that you might decide to include. People are more likely to remain loyal if you do this.

Make sure your readers understand what they're getting into as soon as they opt-in to your mailings. If you're going to be sending a daily email, make that clear. If your readers aren't expecting the number or length of emails that you send, they're less likely to read them and more possible for them to unsubscribe.

This information should have helped you develop a basic understanding of how to begin your own email marketing campaign. So now that you have an understanding, the only thing left to do is apply these tips to your own email marketing campaigns.
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Monday, 12 June 2017

3 Important Qualities Of A Good Marketers

Here we go again as it hot. In our previous article, we talked about Six Important Processes In Exploring Business Opportunities. 

But today we are going to discuss about the 3 important quality every marketer both on and offline must possess.

Who is a marketer?

This question appeared to be very common or perhaps you already know who a marketer is, but for the Benefits of this article and those crossing it for the first time.  A marketer is someone whose duties include the identification of the goods and services desired by a set of consumers, as well as the marketing of those goods and services on behalf of a company. 

Here are the 3 important qualities of a good marketers.
1) Truthfulness Truthfulness in this sense simply mean you should not lie to your client/ costumers about your product and service, give them all the details needed about your product and service because it's said that good turn deserve another. So be truthful in dealing with your client/costumers.

2) PolitenessPoliteness simply mean showing good manners toward others, as in behavior, speech, etc. As a marketer, you must be polite towards your client/ costumers especially when it come to negotiations. Use your marketing tools to get them on your side.

3) TolerantTolerant is the act of showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behaviour that one does not necessarily agree with. As a marketer, you don't expect client/ costumers to agree with you instantly, you must allowed their opinions after which you can adopt your marketing skills to convince them

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6 Important Processes For Exploring Business Opportunities.

In this article, I'm going to analyze the six important processes in exploring business opportunities. 
A willing entrepreneur must and should go through the following process in order to capture attractive investment opportunities. 

1). RECOGNIZE NEED FOR RUNNING A VENTURE.  A venture must be fully recognized,  I.E you must know the reason for the establishment of the particular enterprise. The propelling influence,  need, drive or motive responsible for running of the enterprise. 

2). CONDUCT SELF APPROVAL. Secondly, you need to Examine yourself to know if you have all the necessary requirements/qualities needed for running that particular enterprise. 

3). SCAN THE ENVIRONMENT AND INDUSTRY. This process will enable you to access and understand the environment ie the advantages and disadvantages of running an enterprise in the environment. 

      That can be achieved using 
    * Environmental scanning 
    * Environmental forecasting 
    * Environmental change 

4). ANALYZE BUSINESS IDEA. This can be done by the use of proper pre-feasibility study and comprehensive feasibility study. 

5). SELECT THE BEST IDEA. This stage is very important because it is an investment decision stage. Here you need to select the best idea from the one analyzed in No 4.

6). IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SELECTED IDEA.  This is another important stage because without the implementation the above stages will be a waste.  In the stage you need to start with proper business planning in order to meet your goal. 

Our Priority IS To Guide You To Success . You can use the comment box for contributions and recommendations.

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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Top 4 Online Business You Can Do To Make Money Easily

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Blogging as a business owner: How to get started

Storytelling is now an essential part of internet marketing. Internet marketing campaigns no longer focus on pop-up ads and hard-sell content. Today, internet marketing is more about building relationships with an audience. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through stories, especially stories that the public can relate to on a personal level.

The shift towards storytelling grants you a powerful internet marketing instrument that not many businesses utilise: your stories. As a business owner – the man behind the brand – you have a lot of interesting stories to tell. Blogging is the perfect way to deliver those stories.

Why you need to start blogging

As the founder and CEO of your business, you have plenty of first-hand stories to share. The products you’re offering customers today started life as a simple idea. The journey towards turning those ideas into the products customers can touch and interact with is worth telling.

Blogging as a CEO also personifies the brand. Larger companies are already doing this as part of their marketing campaigns. We instantly think of Steve Jobs (and now Tim Cook) whenever we read news about Apple. Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and other top names in tech are all associated with their businesses, and vice versa.

The more people know abouthe face behind the brand, the easier it will be for them to connect with the brand. The experiences you share are capable of creating stronger bonds and attracting more potential customers. Converting that audience into customers will be so much easier when you already have a strong relationship.

It’s easy to get started

Starting a blog as a CEO or founder of a business is easier than you think. Your business already has a website – or even a blog section where you share valuable content the audience love to read – so all you have to do is write your stories. 

You don't even have to do the writing yourself. Some services can help you produce great, compelling blog posts based on your experiences. You still have to provide an outline and other details about the post, but the actual writing is done by professionals with years of experience.

Taking it a step further

Posting stories is just one part of the equation. For this internet marketing approach to work beautifully, you need to invest a bit more time into connecting with your audience. Social media, another great internet marketing instrument to use, is perfect for this purpose.

You can also invest in SEO. You want your stories to reach the right audience, and search engines are where most users find information. Programs such as the OMG Machines SEO program will help you get up to speed in no time at all.

Last but not least, you need to invest in consistency. Content marketing and storytelling – and of course internet marketing in general – is never a one-time thing. You can't build relationships overnight. Keep sharing your insights, engage your audience through social media, and take advantage of other internet marketing tools to actually develop a strong image, both for the brand and yourself as the founder.
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Thursday, 25 May 2017

12 Basic Tools For Your Freelance Writing Business

The Basic Tools For Your Freelance Writing Business

Building your freelance business needs great tools in order to give you real good freedom to work and make the kind of success you so desire?
But, do you really know the basic tools that you need for your freelance business?

The 12 tools below are basic tools that you really need for your success; though you may not use some of the tools for now if you are just starting out.
Remember that you are not just a freelance writer but an Entrepreneur 

1. Laptop; Laptop is a necessity for you if you are really going to success as a freelance writer. You can get a good for self.

2. Email: Your channel of communication must be intact; hence you need a valid and working
email address.

3. Phone: A necessity for your communication with your clients

4. A blog: This is you marketing tool, most good client will want to see proof of your worth; with a blog you can easily gain more confidence with your client. And if you have a successful blog it will add more spice your success as clients will give their vote of trust without doubt.

5. Basic Knowledge on Some SEO Tools: I know you don’t need basic knowledge on SEO for your entire project, but if you do it will really boost your ability to understand the
interaction between the search engines, internet surfers and the blogs and website on the internet. With a full grasp of this you will
really add to your trust bank. Remember, you might do jobs that relate to web content which
is why I said earlier running a blog will give you a better chance in understanding how the SEO works.

6. Note Book Note books are needed for you offline work

7. Access to the Internet you cannot run an efficient freelance writing
business without connecting to the internet.
Why is that so? You are going to work projects that you sometimes have to run some research in order to come up with good content for the books and articles. Let it sink
into your mind that you need access to the internet.

8. Business Card: you may think it is not necessary to have you own business card. But, you will have more advantage if you have one because you client might really take you as a professional freelance writer. Though you may not meet
one on one with all you clients, I am just saying if there is any need to meet one on one, you should exchange your business

9. Identity Card: The use of identity card comes to play when you are going to meet your client face to face.
It really commands respect if you go with your id.

10. Printer: having a printer is not a necessity, but it will aid you work if you have one. You may need it
sometimes. It is a matter of choice.

11. Power Source you may not border on this if you have constant power supply, but if you are having time sharing in power supply, it might do you good if you have an alternative power supply.
The core reason is because you are going to work with deadlines and if you really want to succeed, then you must try by all means to beat the deadlines attached to any project you
are handling; that comes to having a good power source.

12. Payment System how do you receive your payment, If you don’t
have a bank account; and for international client, you can use other good payment system
to get your money.

Need help on article marketing?  Click HERE

Please take note, you may not have the whole list if you are just starting your freelance writing business, but as you start getting really good project, you can upgrade to the
level of income.
The list above assumes that you already have a place to use as an office; it could be your home or an actual office.
Treat your freelance writing as a business and you will see great success coming your way

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Top 10 Agribusiness You Can Venture Into To Make Money (Number 4 will chock you)

Seweniblog image 

Before we start, it's of immense important to have the basics understanding of what Agricultural business is all about.

*Agricultural business,* also known as agribusiness, is the farming , management, production, and marketing of agricultural commodities, such as livestock and crops. The
agricultural business field includes resource management, farming , conservation, ranching, and sales.

Judging by the situation facing Nigeria as a country and West Africa in general, there's no doubt that agriculture is the other of the day.

The situation has compel individuals with Entrepreneurship mindset to venture into Agribusiness in order to eradicate or reduce the ever ending poverty in the land.

In this article, you're going to be exposed to the top 10 agricultural businesses that can generate you a steady income.

✔Fish farming
✔Poultry Farming
✔Snail Farming
✔Bee Keeping
✔Fruits and Vegetables Export
✔Livestock Feed Production
✔Frozen Chicken Production
✔Cashew-nut Processing
✔Basket and Broom Production
✔Corn Farming


1) Fish Farming Business 

Commercial fish farming business is a moneymaking agricultural business that can spin cash at any time of the year constantly. With the implementation of present day strategies and having owned a better location, an entrepreneur can start this business with moderate/considerable low capital.

Read: How To Start A Profitable Fish Farming Business

2) Poultry farming Business.

Poultry farming in Nigeria has converted into a techno-commercial industry from the fame of outdoor farming since three decades. Chicken farming is the quickest developing quarter in agriculture and farming enterprise. The annual growth rate is 8-10% in egg and 12-15% in the broiler industry.

3) Snail Farming 

Snail farming business demands specific understanding in modern generation. Snail farming is the process of elevating land snails especially for human consumption. It has a high fee of protein, iron, low fats and nearly all the amino acids which are needed for human body.

4) Bee Keeping

Beekeeping business opportunity demands day-to-day monitoring with close supervision to the bees. With the increasing awareness about the health, demand for honey is growing globally. Beekeeping for selling honey and other products like wax is a profitable venture to start with less startup investment.

5) Fruits and Vegetables Export

An entrepreneur can start an export business of fresh fruits and vegetables by collecting them from local farmers. one can start this business from a home location only having a phone and computer with internet connection

6) Livestock Feed Production

This business is small scale manufacturing. Having confidence in distribution, one can start this business to make money out of livestock feed production.

7) Frozen Chicken Production

Frozen chicken is a hot product now. The demand for this product is increasing globally. An entrepreneur living in a metro or suburban city can start this business with proper planning.

8) Cashew-nut Processing

Processed cashew nut is a consumer durable product and has huge market potential in the FMCG industry. An entrepreneur can initiate this venture semi-automatic small scale basis

9) Basket and Broom Production

Basket and broom are very common products in rural agriculture scenario. An entrepreneur can start this business by sourcing these products from rural makers and after giving an ornamentation, it can be sold as utility or decor item through retail and online both.
To start profitable basket-weaving business one requires thoughtful planning and a high level of creative mind having a flair for design. Using a wide range of raw material an entrepreneur can initiate customized basket-weaving business from a home location with moderate capital investment.
Broom production technical process is simple and the project can be initiated with proper planning and moderate capital investment. Broom have been used from centuries to sweep up dirt and dust, in and around homes and workplaces.

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10) Corn Farming

Corn (Maize) is one of the most versatile emerging crops having wider adaptability under varied agro-climatic conditions. Globally, maize is known as the queen of cereals because it has the highest genetic yield potential among the cereals. Commercial corn farming by using modern technology with quality seed is one of the most profitable agriculture business ideas.

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