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Sunday, 27 August 2017

Our Guest For week 3 Goes To Mr James Of Bank Of History.

Earlier on this blog we made it known to the world our intention to help expose your blog/website or business, products and services both on and offline to our readers and the world in general. Read full details here

Mr James Bank of histories.

Today we are proud to present to you our GUEST For THis WEEK. MR JAMES 

Let's get started,.

I am James Oyinloye by Name, I was born in a village  Under Ilesha Osun State and grew up in Isanlu-isin which is my hometown, I graduated from Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State from the Department of Library and information science.

I am a new blogger that loves to learn new thing everyday and also hoping to be among the best internet marketers in Nigeria.

I blog at that based on history and biography and also offer advertising services.

Q? HOW YOU INTEND TO HELP THIS GENERATION THROUGH YOUR BLOG? Well with  The future is very bright, at present, A lot of peoples have been gained through my blog by submitted their biography to me and I posted it on my blog as this has been added more to their recognition online.

It's not late for you as well reading this post, Click here to read on how to submit your biography and get it posted to bankofhistories

Check Here If you want to be our guest

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

We Present To You Our Guest For This Week (click and read)

Yesterday on this blog we made it known to the world our intention to help expose your blog/website or business both on and offline business to our readers and the world in general. Read full details here

Today we are proud to present to you our GUEST For THis WEEKWESABI-NETWORK

WESABI; Is an online social network service that allows you have access to exceptionally skilled personnel, and also get all your task done. The best of plumbersmaster craftsmen
in woodwork, verified house cleaners, errands guys, just about any services you need within a click seems to everyone a platform like Fiverr and others: hire someone to handle a task for you or offering a task for someone.

How does it work? 
Here is how it works; After you must have registered, you will first post a task or a request, with all the relevant details like location, budget and all the other info.
WESABI then sends a notification to the nearest available WESABI expert in your locality. Once we confirm he or she is available, you the client will get an email to notify you our expert will be coming over.

But what make wesabi a unique startup in Nigeria?
Unlike fiverr or justfrom5k , client don’t have to pay $5 or N5, 000 for his or her task to be delivers. And also a tasker doesn’t
have to charge $5 or N5, 000 to offer services to a client.

But are they dealing with professionals?
Yes, the word ‘WESABI’ have a professional perspective with a meaning ‘we know it! ’we pride ourselves to offer what we know how to do best and unlike justfrom5k or fiverr, we don’t measure their skills on cost but on professionalism.

Who are these professionals? is a platform that connect you with the hub of professional skills like electricians, carpenters, cleaners, AC repairers, fashion designerserrand boys/girlslaborerswelderspaintersphotographersplumberssalesmenmarketersweb graphic designers,

How wesabi will save time? 
Let assume you don't know where or how to contact an electrician if you have a black out. Or you don’t know where or how to contact AC repairer if your AC develop fault. wesabi will save you the time off worries and fear of who handle or who to handle your tasks.

How wesabi will save energy? 
Let us consider the stress of trekking from one shop to another in search of your favorite taskers. 
Wesabi will save me and you the stress of trekking from one place to another looking for taskers to help us.
Basically WESABI saves you all the hassles you need to deal with from hiring just random Artisans and also makes your life easier by providing you a platform that cater for all
your services under one platform

How wesabi will save money? 
Okay, let assumes you and I do have a car and we both know that it will cost us more money driving from one shop to another looking for taskers. Funny enough, in a country like Nigeria where the cost of transportation is on the highway, we need wesabi to help us save money while having all our tasks professionally done.

How can someone pay or being paid for a service on
Payment happens through us,
meaning once a WESABI expert bills you, you pay us, once they are done and you are satisfied, we then pay them.

So what are you waiting for; just REGISTER and REQUEST OR POST A TASK TODAY!!
Check Here If you want to be our guest

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Guest Of The Week Proudly Brought To You by Seweni Team

Guest of the week Proudly Brought To You By Seweni Team

In our journey to create enabling environment for the success of the youth and the world in general in all their endeavor, We @ Seweni Team are proud to announce to all our readers and contributors both home and away that is out to help expose your blog and business both on and offline to the world through a program on this blog, titled GUEST OF THE WEEK. We volunteer to help exposing your blog and business both on and offline to all our readers and the world through this means. Remember you must not be a blogger to take part in this, At SEWENIBLOG everyone is qualify.

Q?  What is requires of me to be featured in this outstanding weekly program?
The only thing requires of you is determination.

Just let us know
Who you are?
What you do?
How you do it?
Where you do it?
How you intend to help this generation through it. See the SAMPLE HERE

Comment on this post and Email us the article for review. Remember it is first come first serve. & are  the email address. Thank for being loyal to

Be our next guest.
If you have any query as regard to this. You can use the comment section .
Proudly brought to you by Seweni Team
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Meet Bamido Idowu whose company Bamwase Is Empowering Jobseekers And Small Business Owners I Nigeria

I'm Bamido

Q? May we meet you?
I'm Bamido Idowu. I was born and raised in Port Harcourt, to a business man as a father and my mother is a teacher but also dabbles in business, My parents were blessed with 6 children and i am the third child and 2nd daughter. I am a legal practitioner with a law degree from the University of Abuja. 

Q? So how do you combine being a  lawyer and a business woman? 
Actually it has not been easy there is a popular saying that “you can’t
serve two masters soon one is going to suffer” so right now i am 100
percent dedicated on building the Bamwase brand though i still have some outstanding legal obligation to clients. 

Q? Of all the businesses why did you decide to go into the internet business?
The internet has always been a fascinating place to escape to right from the time i knew the internet existed. The only problem my parents had with me while growing up was The internet problem in a time where the Internet was an unknown to most Nigerians, i spent all my time at a cyber cafe which
was far from home and i frequently get lost in that world that i lose track
of time until the close of day so i kept many late nights which got me into
so much trouble at home. So when the time came for me to go into business it was logical it would have something to do  with the internet.

Q? What prepared you for the world of business?
When i was 15, I was the president of the Junior Achievement of Nigeria
and that prepared me for the challenges of the The business world and ever since then i have been into various business venture. The best teacher in life is experience, so for as long i can remember i have been into various ventures and i have recorded many failures and i grew from those experiences.

Q? where do you see your business in the next ten years?
In the next ten years Bamwase should be a household name from all over the world making life easier for people and empowering businesses and professionals all over the world.

Don't forget to visit < > and register

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