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Friday, 20 October 2017

Home Profit Mart (HPM)

Empower Members Financially.
Home Profit Mart (HPM)

Home Profit Mart (HPM)
Who We Are:

Home Profit Mart (HPM) is duly registered in Nigeria with the CAC. It is also an arm of Transmout Network Limited (RC: 797530).
We are a wholly indigenous Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company on a drive to;

ü  Empower Members Financially.
ü  End Hunger in our Community.
ü  Aid Members get their Personal Homes in our Housing Estate.
ü  Sponsor Holidays Locally and Abroad.
ü  Award Cars and other home appliances.
ü  Promote Healthy Organic Foods and Drinks (No Additives, No Preservatives)
ü  Promote the Indigenous Manufacturers of these Organic Foods and Drinks.
ü  Provide Skills and Trainings.
ü  Provide Community Social Services.
ü  Help you grow your business.
ü  Empower Farmers to Grow and Produce non GMO Plants and Crops.
ü  Encourage and Partner with locals, who have skills and great ideas.

Home Profit Mart (HPM) is a MLM Company with a human face out to make a real difference. HPM empowers you in real time and in practical ways. HPM puts power in your hands.

                                                               call       09050447602

HPM . . . the place to be. HPM . . . giving value to your life.

Home Profit Mart is a food and cash business that you register with N7,600 and refer 3 people, immediately you're Awarded with 25kg bag of rice, 1ltr of groundnut oil and N2,000 and with this singular action of referring 3 persons and qualifying for your incentives, you're automatically in Stage 2 (Silver Manager)

NB: we also have a Spillover System to help you with referral for those that can't refer people which means even without referring your 3 persons yourself, your Sponsor/Upline could give you 3 persons through our Spillover system and you will also qualify for your 25kg bag of rice, 1ltr of groundnut oil and N2,000

After this you move to stage 2 where you get Cash of N50,400 plus Food items/commodities worth N39,600

                                                               call       09050447602

When u complete stage two you will move to Stage 3 (Gold Manager) where you will collect Cash of N145,200 and N58,800 worth of food items/commodities and another additional One Month Supply of Food items/commodities

This is a new business that is just few months old and with lots of testimonies everywhere.

With a one time investment of #7600. Oh yes!!!! You heard me with only #7600 or u go for multiple slots. You are on your way to financial and foodnancial  freedom.
                                                               call       09050447602

Check out the breakdown below
*Now to explain Further*

When u get your 3 and complete stage 1 you get food items worth #10,500 free of charge,# 2000 as welcome cash.  WONDERFUL!!
When you complete stage 2  with 12people you get free food stuffs worth #39,600. isnt it mind blowing? Aside from the food stuffs,you also get #50,400 plus #90, total you have #114,400 cash deposits into your account.
When you complete stage 3 oh my!!!!!!!, you get food stuffs worth  #58,800, cash deposit of #349,200 into your account. E never finish ooooo.  One month food items supply as manager's compensation  worth.
                                                               call       09050447602

When you complete stage 4,  Oh my my, the Almighty stage four!. you get an all expense paid trip to Dubai, Jerusalem, mecca, or receive #864,000 you make your choice. And a Chacha brand new car worth 3.800m plus a cash of #802,000 . HPM odugwu!

E never finish ooooo.. food stuffs worth #64,000  3 months supply of food items.

Stage five benefits!!
  • Cash of 1.420, 000
  • Food items of choice worth 74,000
  • SUV jeep worth 5million or cash equivalent
  • #1.494,000
  • Three months food supply &
  • Sponsored family holiday trip overseas as director's compensation!
                                                                Join Us On Whatsapp Here

Stage 6 benefits

  • At this stage,  you live to earn #1.330,000 from every team member that join you!! Reward
  • House worth 7 million
  • 5million cash totally 12million in all!! 
  • You also have 3 months food supply of your choice! 
  • A special Award!?*&
  • A hand of fellowship!!! 

                                                            Join Us On Whatsapp Here
                                                               call       09050447602

Check Out These Pictures
Home Profit Mart (HPM)

Home Profit Mart (HPM)

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Friday, 29 September 2017

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